Aurum (2007-2009)

Aurum, our 11th vehicle, was unlike any of our previous designs. We maintained our innovative spirit with a single-person, three-wheeled vehicle that will boast a new aerodynamic design, featured an upright seating position, and had a newly designed carbon-fibre-aluminium hybrid chassis. Mechanical systems were constructed using lightweight aluminium and titanium to minimize mass while maintaining component strength. State-of-the-art, extremely efficient motors allowed the car to cruise all day using minimal energy. The lithium-ion polymer battery pack, which stored up to 5 kWh of energy, weighed only 30 kilograms. The vehicle’s power was obtained by top-of-the-line terrestrial-grade solar cells that are twice as efficient as typical commercial solar cells.

Solar Cells

Type of solar cells utilized: SunPower A-300 Mono-crystalline Silicon
Number of cells in vehicle array: 402
Total array area: 5.973 m2
Open circuit cell voltage: 0.670 V
Short circuit cell current: 5.9 A
Maximum power cell voltage: 0.560 V
Maximum power cell current: 5.54 A
Rated cell power: 3.1 W
Maximum array power: 1246.2 W
Cell Efficiency: Up to 21.5%

aurum cells2
Solar Cells Mounted on Vehicle
Solar Cells
Solar Cells


Type of battery technology utilized: Lithium-Ion Polymer
Total number of cells: 512
Nominal cell voltage: 3.7 V
Cell capacity (20h-rate): 2.9 Ah
Cell weight: 58 g
System layout: 16 cells in parallel per string, 32 strings
Total battery energy: 5.6 kWh
Battery protection system: Custom-designed system monitors string voltage, overall battery current and temperature distribution to prevent overheating and overcharging of the battery

Battery Cells Assembled in Battery Box
Battery Cells Assembled in Battery Box

Vehicle Dimensions

Length: 4.98 m
Width: 1.80 m
Height: 1.20 m
Weight: 225 kg
Capacity: 1 person

Body materials

Chassis frame: Carbon-fibre/aluminum hybrid
Body material: Carbon-fibre lower half, Kevlar upper-half, Fibreglass

Adding Fibreglass to the Body of the Vehicle
Adding Fibreglass to the Body of the Vehicle

Mechanical Systems

Front suspension system: Aluminum double A-arm
Rear suspension system: Aluminum trailing arm
Steering system: Rack and pinion with removable steering wheel
Brakes: Hydraulic disc and regenerative braking
Wheels: Custom Machined Aluminum
Tires: Amerityre/Michelin
Roll cage: Custom-formed titanium

Double A-Arm Suspension
Double A-Arm Suspension
Titanium Roll Cage Mounted in Aluminum/ Carbon-Fibre Chassis
Titanium Roll Cage Mounted in Aluminum/ Carbon-Fibre Chassis
Amerityre on Aluminum Wheel
Amerityre on Aluminum Wheel
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