Dawn Treader (1997)

Dawn Treader is the team’s fifth generation car and was built to compete in four races. The World Solar Challenge 1996 was the main competition for Dawn Treader and its design was optimized for this race. The car was based on the proven design of Quest, the team’s fourth car. All of the major systems were modified or redesigned in hopes of making an already successful design better. This resulted in an eleventh place finish in Australia, the top North American showing and highest Canadian finish ever at this event. Following this success with a tenth place finish at Sunrayce ’97, despite a sub-par array, established the team as one of the top in North America.

Past Results

Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge:

  • Fastest Total Time (Unofficial National Champs)
  • Award for Technical Innovation – Solar Array

Grand Solar Challenge:

  • Forced to withdraw due to manufacturing default in off-the-shelf component

World Solar Challenge:

  • 11th place Top North American finisher

Sunrayce ’97

  • 10th place

Vehicle Specifications

Length 6.00 m (19.7 ft) Aeroshell carbon fibre/nomex construction Wheels 3 wheels; Sun rims/custom hubs Drag Co-
Width 1.98 m (6.5 ft) Chassis Duralcan space frame Tires Michelin Custom tires Solar Array 3000 Solar World monocrystal-
line cells: 14.5 % efficient
Height 1.00 m (3.3 ft) Suspension Front: double A-arm with custom shock
Rear: trailing arm with Works shock
Top Speed 120 km/h (70 mph) Array Power 1200 W peak output
Wheelbase 2.50 m (8.2 ft) Steering pull/pull cable steering to slider Motor 5.6 kW (8hp) in hub motor
Vehicle Weight 288 kg (635 lbs) Brakes modified SACHS mountain- bike disk brakes Battery 130 kg (287 lbs) Lead Acid
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