Gemini (2003)

Gemini, our newest car, was unveiled on June 20th, 2003 in preparation for the American, and World Solar Challenges. Gemini is the first two-person Canadian solar car, and its design is completely revolutionary. Gemini is the first high-performance side-by-side two-seater solar car in the world. It has a completely new aerodynamical profile from it’s predecessor, Mirage, along with completely new mechanical and electrical systems.

Gemini has an aerodynamic, airfoil-shaped body and a high-efficiency solar array. A four wheel design was chosen to maximize stability. A carbon fiber monocoque chassis (similar to that used in Formula One race cars) is used because of its light weight and stiffness, and an original steering system (resembling tank steering) is employed to allow all components to fit inside the thin body of the car. The team has also designed an electronic network to control the vehicle’s telemetry and electrical systems.

Solar Array

  • 3450 solar cells from Emcore, with an average efficiency of 25%, convert the sun’s energy into electricity to power the car.


  • To store energy, the team is using a 5 kWh Lithium Ion Polymer battery pack made of batteries sponsored by Emerging Power, and assembled by the team. These batteries were chosen for their high capacity, and low mass.


  • A carbon fibre monocoque chassis, similar to that used in Formula One race cars, is used because of its light weight and stiffness.


  • An electronic network inside the car controls the telemetry, communications, turn signals, driver interface and power systems.


  • Four wheel, upper/lower arm design.


  • To reduce aerodynamic drag, the team used computer software to design a wing shaped body and fairings around the wheels.

Vehicle Specifications

Length 5.96m Aeroshell carbon fibre/nomex lower half, kevlar/nomex upper half
Width 1.96m Chassis carbon fibre monocoque
Height 1.03m Suspension upper/lower arm design
Wheelbase 2.15m Steering pull/pull cable steering to slider
Vehicle Weight 410 kg (902 lbs) Brakes modified mountain- bike hydraulic disk brakes
Wheels 4 custom Aluminum 4-spoke wheels Drag Co-
Tires Michelin Custom tires Solar Array ~ 3450 Emcore 25% efficient cells
Top Speed 125 km/h Array
2000W peak output
Motor 5.6 kW (8hp) in hub motor Battery

30 kg Lithium-Polymer

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