Vehicle List

Since 1988 the team has designed, built and raced eleven vehicles. Starting in 1988 with Photomoto, the team won the Great Canadian Solar Challenge, and since then has built ten other award winning vehicles.

Year Vehicle Achievements
1988 Photomoto queens_university_solar_car_photomoto
1st Place, Great Canadian Solar Challenge 
1990 Sunquest queens_university_solar_car_sun_quest_1
24th Place overall, WSC 1990
First Canadian Team to ever compete at WSC


1993 Sunquest II queens_university_solar_car_sun_quest_II
14th Place overall, Sunrayce 1993 
1995 Quest queens_university_solar_car_quest
6th Place overall, Sunrayce 1995
Top Canadian Team at Sunrayce 1995


1997 Dawn Treader queens_university_solar_car_dawn_treader
11th Place overall, WSC 1997
Top Canadian Team, WSC 1997
10th Place Overall Finish, Sunrayce 1997
Canadian Solar Discovery Challenge, National Champs
Canadian SDC Award for Technical Innovation, Solar Array


1999 Kinetic queens_university_solar_car_kinetic
2nd Place overall, Sunrayce 1999 Qualifiers 
1999 Radiance queens_university_solar_car_radiance
2nd Place overall Sunrayce 1999, WSC 1999
Top Canadian Team at Sunrayce 1999, WSC 1999
2000 SunTrek 2000, travelled 7044 km to enter the Guinness Book of World Records


2001 Mirage queens_university_solar_car_mirage
4th Place overall, ASC 2001
5th Place overall, WSC 2001
Top Canadian Team at WSC 2001


2003 Gemini gemini
1st Place two-seater WSC 2003, ASC 2003
Top Canadian Team at WSC 2003
Best Array, Electrical System, “To Boldly Go” Award at ASC 2003 for two-seater design
Hans Tholstrup Award at WSC 2003 for the spirit of the WSC


2005 Ultraviolet 2005nasc2
1st Place two-seater NASC 2005
Winner of NASC “Never Give Up” Award


2007 Aurum aurum
Finished 15th in Challenge Class at WSC 2007
2008 Finished 12th (106:36:20) in the NASC 2008
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